Logistics & Sales Order Management
The value-adding Distribution Center Services that idsMED has focused on is Effective and Seamless Operation which shorten lead time, increase inventory turns, and guarantee inventory accuracy.


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The value-adding Distribution Center Services that idsMED has focused on is Effective and Seamless Operation that aims to:

  • shorten lead time
  • increase inventory turns and
  • guarantee inventory accuracy


Whether it is piece-pick, case-pick or pallet-pick, cross-dock or flow through, we develop customized solutions
to suit the unique demand of each customer.


Medical Logistics is is driven by the need for hospitals to focus on their core competencies and outsource support and peripheral functions to professionals who are experts in those respective fields.

In hospitals the main Supply Chain activities are

  • Sourcing
  • Demand Planning
  • Supply Planning
  • Procurement
  • Warehousing & Storage
  • Deliveries to main hospital storerooms
  • Deliveries to Top Up Locations (TUL)
  • Maintaining sufficient stock levels at the TULs
  • Stock Rotation
  • Triggering replenishment
  • Centralized billings and payments


  • Detailed product specifications
  • Identify reliable suppliers
  • Negotiate competitive pricing
  • Ensure Quality assurance

Demand Planning
  • Understanding the Macro & Micro variables that affect demand
  • Forecasting the future demand for each SKU

Supply Planning
  • Determining the most optimized inbound scheduling for stocks
  • Identifying optimal stock levels at each location in the supply chain

  • Placing orders to suppliers within required lead-times
  • Acquiring the appropriate freight to transport the products to the warehouse
  • Payment to all product and service vendors

Warehousing & Storage

  • Receiving products and checking condition
  • Product put-away and rotation
  • Order picking and co-packing if needed

Deliveries to Top Up Locations (TUL) e.g. store-rooms, wards, OTs
  • Pre-determined delivery schedules and frequency
  • Delivery to door step and placement in shelves/bins
  • Stock rotation and housekeeping of storage area

Maintaining sufficient stock levels at the TULs
  • Regular stock counts
  • Maintaining and Updating Par levels
  • Triggering stock replenishment

Centralized billings, payments and reports

  • Ease of a one-stop billing & payment process
  • Regular and ad hoc reports



It includes the hire, disinfection, washing and packaging of flat linen for hospital beds (such as sheets, pillowcases, blankets, draw sheets and tablecloths), packaged laundry for healthcare staff (such as gowns, uniforms, and general garments) as well as mattresses and pillows.



We supply and sterilize surgical drapes, gowns and instruments for operating theatres. The linen sterilization service includes the sterile sets used in surgical procedures to prepare the operating area together with the garments for the surgical teams.



It includes the washing, disinfection, sterilization & reconstruction of surgical instruments from hospital operating departments. Using a traceability system based on an advanced IT platform that guarantees an automatic identification of each production stage.



Sterilization Solutions

  • Ex situ: sterilization services from a dedicated sterilization center
  • In situ: sterilization from the sterilization center inside the hospital

Engineering, Consulting and Audit

  • Design of new sterilization units and layouts
  • Audit of sterilization units
  • Implementation of process efficiency

Traceability, Inventory and IT processes

  • Laser marking of surgical instruments
  • Inventory of surgical instruments
  • Computerization of process

Management of the CSSD operators and training of the team